Senin, 29 April 2013

Malaikat tanpa sayap (Indonesian Movie)


Vino (Adipati dolken) not too close to the family and especially after his father, Amir (Surya Saputra) tricked his business went bankrupt due to their elite housing to move from a rented house in the alley. His mother, Mirna (Kinaryosih) actually ran away from home, even the heart to leave, Vienna (Geccha Qheagaveta), 5-year-old daughter.

Once when Vienna fell in the bathroom and the X-rays from Vienna to undergo surgery, if not his leg infection and had to be amputated. Vienna needed a blood transfusion because of bleeding, while Vienna is quite a rare blood type: A rhesus negative. Vino that have the same blood group, volunteered. At that moment, Calo (Agus Kuncoro) who is looking for the donor heart to hear that Vino offered to become a donor heart because of the recipient (candidate for the heart) are the same blood type with Vino.

In the hospital was also acquainted with the Mura Vino (Maudy Ayunda). Since Since then Vino was his color. Vino, who initially had to deal with despair Calo, began to waver. He did not want to donate his heart but it makes a big angry brokers.

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